Unlisted Mobile

Unlisted Mobile was a developer's side project that suddenly had a resurgence in popularity during Covid-19 — customers needed a way to mask their personal phone numbers as they conducted business from home.

Partnered with Lightboard

Unlisted's website was going to be the main pillar of design change, so I wanted to establish a strong system for displaying app screenshot compositions. However, the app itself was not going to be part of the redesign, so my goal was to create a symbiotic relationship between our revamp and the existing app. Luckily, the app interface was clean, modern and simple, so I was able to create a hand drawn complimentary illustration style that played off of that — as well as relying on photography integrations for a humanistic touch.

In tandem, I developed the color palette, typography styles and redesigned logo for initial reviews with the client. After doing a slew of competitive analysis, I landed on a simple twist of Unlisted's "U" as the logo icon. At first glance the U is apparent, but quickly the viewer notices the chat bubble in the letter's counter! A nice tie back to the cloaking functionality.

After getting design sign off from the very happy client, I went ahead and built their new site out in Webflow (check it out!). As an added sweetener, I custom coded the top header animation to be an interactive before/after slider to represent the "cloaking" nature of masking your phone number with the Unlisted app.

Next step was transferring this style over to new app store screenshots. The end result is a cohesive look across all brand touch points —and a 4.5 app star rating!

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