Marketing Collateral

Social Media Assets, HTML Emails, Ebooks, and Slide Presentations — all of the unsung visual asset heroes that go hand in hand with fleshing out a client's look.

Static Ads, Slide Presentations, Ebooks, HTML Emails and Social Media assets are a ton of fun to work on with my clients. Check out a handful of favorites that I've worked on over the years.


Partnered with Lightboard

I love working with Autodesk, their well developed design system allows for such a great framework to work within. Over the course of 3 months, I designed a slew of static/social media units in a massive campaign to promote their AutoCad LT product.

Firefly Health

Partnered with Lightboard

Working with Firefly's marketing team, I applied their colorful new branding to an easy to an initial slide template.

Note: Actual client copy has been replaced with lorem ipsum to protect confidential information.


I've created hundreds of eBook designs to help Blackbaud retain, attract, and educate new customers.


Partnered with Lightboard

I love the problem of elevating a brand's look and feel within HTML emails. Gurhan is a high end jewelry company that was having a hard time translating their visual look to email marketing campaigns. I took a deep dive into all things elegant and designed/developed the below look within a very restrictive email platform.

HBO, Hulu & Lifetime Social Media

During my agency life, I've designed and directed countless Social Media campaigns to help big name television networks promote their upcoming shows. Distilling a concept down into bite size, snackable content is something I really excel at.

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