Display Ads

Over my many design years I've created thousands of display ads — from static back ups to fully programmed HTML5 units, I've done it all!

During my younger design years, I started out as an intern at a top digital Ad Agency in NYC. During that time, I worked for some of the biggest TV clients designing their display ad campaigns for upcoming releases. As I advanced in the company, I moved up from an "in the weeds" intern to an experienced Creative Director —managing the entire creative team responsible for concepting, designing and programming these massive media campaigns.

Over the years, I've worked on over 50+ media campaigns and managed media plans as large as 4k individual units.

I've also concepted, pitched, and won display ad projects for some of my favorite TV shows and clients, such as Cartoon Network.

Many media campaigns were quick turn around and high volume. My ability to keep a strict eye on the details made sure clients such as HBO came back to us season after season.

Clients such as the SyFy network trusted myself and my team to handle new releases, where marketing can make or break premiere night.

After I branched out on my own as a freelance creative, my coding and design knowledge allowed me to approach display ads as both the designer and developer. Using this holistic approach, I've successfully worked on large 4k+ unit HTML5 campaigns where I'm designing, developing and managing the entire campaign.

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