SecureSave is an emergency savings app for employees, and companies looking to provide an additional benefit to their employees. They had a temporary website build that was in need of an overhaul, so I amped up their visual language with a fresh new design and slick Webflow build.

Partnered with Lightboard

The SecureSave team needed to communicate that their emergency savings app was easy to use, friendly, and vital to having good financial health. SecureSave also needed to convince employers that this was a service they should offer in their benefits package to employees. They had a rough idea of brand direction, but their initial website was a quickly thrown together Wordpress build that lacked their charismatic founder's charm (Suze Orman). Like many of my clients, their team was disenfranchised by the complexity of Wordpress and wanted to move to Webflow.

I tackled the homepage first, with one of the main directives to showcase a video introduction from Suze Orman towards top of page. Working with the colors already present in the previously recorded video, I introduced a refined color palette, intriguing app screenshot compositions, and a library of pattern elements to use throughout.

After the build out of the homepage, I expanded the look to the subpages and began development in Webflow.

Once I completed the design and development of the Webflow site (check it out!), I revamped their app store screenshots as a finishing touch!

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