Tangram Vision

Tangram wanted to update their existing website to have a more polished, tech-focused look that stood out from the crowd.

Partnered with Lightboard

Tangram Vision offers their customers a way to digest and analyze complex sensor data from a host of different robotic solutions. Their original website design was thrown together quickly — the content was there, but it was not clear to the user exactly what they did. The overall look and feel felt rushed and incomplete, and now that Tangram was gaining traction the founders wanted a complete overhaul from the ground up.

With this problem in mind, I worked to establish an overall brand look & feel by iterating through mood boards to determine exactly what look the founders were going for:

Initial Mood Board styles to determine overall brand look & feel

The clients chose the darker purple and orange direction, so I worked with a fantastic illustrator to bring to life the illustration style I established above, lending my Creative Direction and feedback as he worked through each illustrative touch point. While the illustrator plugged away, I began fleshing out the rest of the page layouts based on our approved style direction. After approval, I began development in Webflow.

As a finishing touch, I worked with an animator to add subtle motion to the homepage illustration. Keeping file size in mind, the animation was created in the Lottie Framework to reduce overall load. I spent a large chunk of time hand editing the code of the complex SVG file in order to troubleshoot the eccentricities of converting such a complex illustration into the Lottie Framework, and to work as smoothly and seamlessly as possible within the Webflow framework.

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